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5/27/10 Flip side of having freindships at work is less productivity

They say that having a freind at  your job is much funnier to have a job. Having buddies on a job site also has a dark side."You hear all these positive things about how friendships at work can build morale, and that's true — but they can be bad for work because they can cause us to avoid getting work done," says Jessica Methot, who begins in June as an assistant professor at Rutgers University. When she was at the University of Florida.Methot studied colleague relationships and found those who worked with people considered "friends" engaged in "more whining and gossiping and complaining.""In other words, these friends really didn't help one another be more productive," she says. I do believe sometimes freinds at work could cause problems so choose freinds wisely.

vocabulary: Morale-emotional or mental condition with respect to cheerfulness, confidence
2.at least have a collage masters degree
3.somthing that i can live off that can get me a decent home food for myself and if another and hav a little for myself to get and do things

5/26/10 Private pay shrinks to historic lows as gov't payouts rise

Paychecks from private business shrank to their smallest share of personal income in U.S. history during the first quarter of this year.At the same time, government-provided benefits from Social Security, unemployment insurance, food stamps and other programs rose to a record high during the first three months of 2010.It brings use lower and shows that were arn't getting back on track.

vocabulary: benefits-a payment or gift, as one made to help someone or given by a benefit society, insurance company, or public agency.
insurance-coverage by contract in which one party agrees to indemnify or reimburse another for loss that occurs under the terms of the contract.
1.capitalism-an economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations, esp. as contrasted to cooperatively or state-owned means of wealth.
socialism-a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.

5/25/10 In-debt grads with no jobs can sidestep student loan trouble

This year's college graduates will be entering a wretched job market, where there are, by some estimates, five candidates for every opening. Perhaps this experience will give you the strength to deal with future challenges. But one of those challenges — not falling behind on your student loans — doesn't exactly lead to much character building. So which means were pretty bad now even if you get out of collage still got to find a job who will hire you and if there is any openings for your job.

vocaulary: wretched-very unfortunate in condition or circumstances; miserable; pitiable.
candidates- a person who seeks an office, honor, etc.: a candidate for governor

 5/20/10 aguilera v.s gaga


5/17/10 tracy morgan

He had an ok night friday was his stand up comedy at the silver legacy but he wasnt all great. he was talking about a vacation with his faimlly then leading to jerking off and then talking about the oil spill that happen. he talked about sex alot reapeting stuff lik porn women and sex so for most of it he had an ok night some bumps like a bad cough once in a while but he did alright.
vocabulary:alumnus-a graduate or former student of a specific school, college, or university
verbatim-in exactly the same words; word for word: to repeat something verbatim\
1.is music i see or comedians and i like music so more intresting.
2.by freinds or ads on papers boards or by a freind


Casey Anthony will face the death penalty, a Florida judge ruled, rejecting defense arguments that capital punishment in her murder case was sexist and unduly harsh.Judge Belvin Perry Jr. also rejected defense arguments that prosecutors were seeking the death penalty as a means to bankrupt Anthony's defense.

vocabulary: unduly-in an inappropriate, unjustifiable, or improper manner: unduly critical.
1.that war seems like its getting bad , like there telling us that they still need help they can't do it on there own. 

5/12/10 craig list murder

a man put an ad on craig list of a ring and was looking for a buyer and when one lady wanted to buy it for a mothers day present, came over to his house with three others and try to jack him. they were being abused being hit a couple times until when they were bitting one kid and the other kid got away and called the cops. but one man died the father and the four were captuered and trailed for 1st degree murder and they pleaded not guilty.
1.i think the most on the media about crime is murder because its brutal that people kill people.

5/4/10 polo

polo is were ur on a horse and you try to hit a ball that is coming 110 miles an hour and make a goal. the polo equipment is a helmet,ball,boots,gloves,knee gaurds.mallets,team jerseys and polo whip. there are four polo players on each team to start and they play on a feild that is 300 yards long and 160 yards wide.
mallet-Polo. the long-handled stick, or club, used to drive the ball.
1.because you watch people on a hourse go back and forth trying to hit a ball thats goin hella fast and play on a long ass field

5/3/10 bryant vs. moss

 they say this cowboy bryant is good as moss but i mean he is just a rookie. At practice minicamp his coach said "the sky is the limite for this kid". he shows some good skills as what people say but will see wat happens during pre season wen he starts.

3.because the we all like diiffrent sports and its fun to watch one's that are good


ms. Bush is making a book tali


april 1995, oklahoma city a bomb hit after that we have helped shape a career of a potential justice. this link talks about how we have worked on our safty and watching for danger and from then and to today.



well rory reid was commenting on arizonas new law for immagration, and he was happy with it and also theres other people commenting on it check it out.

fundamental:serving as, or being an essential part of, a foundation or basis; basic; underlying


you like basketball get your favorite team jersey at a good price click on this link and choose from any team from the nba. you can even get regular t-shirts cups , any kind of accesorie.


its trying to send us or if were hurt to saint mary's wen we get hurt. like i was looking at an aces article and like sometimes you could get hurt maybe get hit by the ball or maybe hit a ditch and mess up ur leg. well it shows that there nice people and it would be worth it.
well its trying to make me buy a mcdonald's mccafe. i have no clue this thing just popped up. i mean they show picture of the drink and it looks bomb like to go and buy.
to check on ur bills or what NV energy does with there company like information about them. well i was scrolling down the website and i thought was weird for an advertisment to show for NV energy like every one has it why advertise it. can realy buy cuz every one already has it.


well this ad talks about how to loose weight with eating healthy and acai berry diet pretty wierd. they say its the purist product and gives u good results.

4/8/10 fines be paid

between 2000 to 2008 there were $26.7 million in court-ordered fees and fines, along with $70 million in restitution went uncollected in Washoe County. thats pretty crazy for that not to get that money and just let it go i would just get the money from them no matter what if they got a ticket then they better pay it cuz there stupid and dn't know how to drive, so check this out.

4/7/10 ganging up

well gangs have been getting higher in nevada but i wouldnt say to bad but i think being in a gang is stupid now because it's a waste of your life doing drugs or fighting people or even wanting to kill some one for what gang there in, so check this article out.

incarcerated:to imprison; confine.
pestilence:something that is considered harmful, destructive, or evil

4/6/10 shutting reno prison


they say they might close the prison here in reno and if they do then either they send them to another prison wich will cost money for transportation to get them there or we just let them go and we dont want any of that well to waste money and some criminals be let out.

4/1/10 Do you let your freinds argue on your face book?


people put bullitens or post things on there face book but what some people have posted got people angry and commented and other people commented them and start argueing over it but on ur face book. what i think just think what you say before u post it or if you don't care then let them talk and get past it don't got to argue over some one opinion.

argue:to present reasons for or against a thing

3/31/10 golden flower open till 3 am


The golden flower is a good place to eat and plus just in case ur up between 1 am and 3am this be the place to go. this vietnamese food is realy good i've been there with a couple friends after work and i saw its good and it ain't that very expiencive.


not funny 3/25/10

why do tv shows use recorded laughter, like when they laugh for the stupid jokes.You'd think viewers should be able to trust their own reactions.


crazy killing muslims 3/24/10

five muslims were arrested for killing two christians in a faimly blood-fued in upper egypt. This faimly fued been goin on since 2004. I didnt think that muslims had guns but guess they do, and just last month there was a drive-by shooting killing 6 christians and a muslim cop. A state security court has since put on trial three Muslim suspects in the killings.

Copts account for between six and 10 percent of Egypt’s 80-million population. They complain of systematic discrimination and marginalization. –AFP


3/23/10 e

prime minister yasuo fukuda announced a proposal to increase the number of foreign students studying in japan to 300,000 by 2020.


iceland eruption 3/22/10

a volcano erupted yesterday for the first time in 200 years but could trigger  potentially more dangerous eruption at a volatile volcano nearby. Eyjafjallajokull is the one that erupted and a wierd name to near a glacier of the same name. scientist say the ashes and lava shooting was very peacful, ya sure

Read more: http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1974009,00.html#ixzz0iv45ZWrJ

3/18/10 Jersey Shore not drinking?

The people from jersey shore are famouse for there partying, drinking, and there drama but mostly about there drinking and partying. JWoww was seen in boston but what was wierd she didn't party or even drink she stayed away from that. MTV banned them from drinking and partying until the filming for the secound season.


  It's hard to get in trouble for running a pot prescription mill in California, but one local doctor was so bad, he lost his medical license.By David Downs

Dr hany youssef assad and his norcal healthcare people recommened marijuana to patients about 40,000 times in the past seven years.It was one of the most prominent cannabis clinics in the East Bay, netting $1.2 million in revenue per year. And while it's common knowledge in California that cannabis users can get a doctor's recommendation for as little at $150 and a handshake, Assad ran such an egregiously negligent operation and had such a dark track record as a doctor — including an alleged rape and two alleged sexual batteries of patients — that the California Medical Board took the historic step of revoking Assad's license late last year.


the deaths in Nigerian rised up to 200 Monday after members of a machete-wielding Muslim group attacked a mostly Christian town south of the city of Jos, officials said. More than 200 were dead and 32 injured, according to Choji Gyang, a religious affairs adviser to the head of Plateau state, who said bodies were still being found. Sani Shehu, president of the non-governmental agency Civil Rights Congress, said there maybe more about 485 dead. Twenty-six arrested had been made in connection with the violence, Gyang said.

2/23/2010 Education in crisis

For the second straight year, students at the University of Nevada, Reno are rallying to stop cuts they believe will hurt their education. they think the students do not understand the cuts will affect the school.

vocab. 2/18/10

essentially:absolutely necessary; indispensable
Remember, it was essentially a Democratic undertaking.

 axiomatic:pertaining to or of the nature of an axiom; self-evident; obvious.
Republicans stood up as one to say that the stimulus would fail (at least the non-tax-cut part of it) because it was axiomatic that government spending could not create any jobs—never did, can’t won’t.

intervening: to come between disputing people, groups, etc.; intercede; mediate.
In the intervening months, Republicans have essentially debunked their own argument.

vocabulary 2/16/10

stubbornly:Difficult to treat or deal with; resistant to treatment or effort
GDP grew 5.6 percent in the fourth quarter, yet unemployment remains stubbornly high.

infrastructure:the fundamental facilities and systems serving a country, city, or area, as transportation and communication systems, power plants, and schools.
Pipefitters and other skilled tradesmen who keep the country's infrastructure sound.

isolationist:A national policy of abstaining from political or economic relations with other countries.
It was true in the summer of 1914 and for isolationist America in the 1930's


vick a faker

michael vick an NFL player who had chosen a bad road starting out with dog fighting, but now trying to straiting up but has dug up a bigger hole for himself. He use to play for ATLANTIC FALCONS but is now playing for the EAGLES but people still love him from the atlantic falcons, but vick doesn't realy like them. Vick told 790 AM The Zone in Atlanta that while he played for the Falcons, he wasn't realy giving 100% .

michael jackson killer 2/10/10

they say that michael jackson was killed by his own doctor, he gave him a anesthetic that could help him sleep but now his not going to wake up because thats what killed him. Dr. murray says he is not guilty of killing michael jackson, but other doctors say that what he gave him was not ment for insomnia relief, and that he didn't take proper precautions when giving Jackson the propofol the drug that he used that ended his life. So there putting him on trail for  involuntary manslaughter and only evidence or proof will put the killer of michael jackson in jail.


vocabolary-anesthetic,insomnia relief,involuntary manslaughter

Mrs. Obamas campain    2/9/10

Mrs. Obama thinks that fat kids will threaten our future. She is trying to change the meals we eat to somthing nutritional and improve access to healthier food in deprived areas. Mrs. Obama is stressed that her compain is not entirely hers but why be stressed about it at least you got it started i say. she also got some sport players and entertainers to get the message across and she says "I want to leave something behind that we can say, because of this time that this person spent here, this thing has changed " but the only reason she is doing this because her doctor told her that her two daughters are getting bigger so just because she couldn't keep her kids active she needs to get every kid healthy.http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8506369.stm


WSJ: Russia and states reached fundamental agreement by agreement about [SNV 2/4/10

03.02.2010 15:38, Washington. To Moscow and Washington succeeded in reaching " fundamental of [soglasheniya]" by agreement about the reduction of strategic offensive armaments. This occurred for the first time in the last 20 years, notes Wall Of street Of journal, referring to sources in the administration. Agreement assumes the reduction of the number of nuclear warheads to 1500-1675 units from each side, whereas by agreement, concluded in 1991, states had right to 2200 warheads. To reduction are twice subject also the means of delivery - from 1600 to 700-800 from each side. Thus far the State Department did not present official confirmation of this information. The representative of American administration Rose [Gottemoller], which is main mediator in the talks from the side of the USA, she stated, that all basic questions are already resolved, after noting that only the small corrections were possible. As publication notes, as a whole the agreement was approved last week during the telephone conversation of the President RF of Dmitriy Medvedev him by American associate by the barracks [Obamoy]. At the beginning of this week the former chief of the main staff of strategic rocket forces RF Victor [Esin] expressed confidence in the fact that the final formulation of Russian- American agreement on [SNV] will occur at the end February or at the beginning of March. According to him, the sequential round of Russian- American negotiations on [SNV] incipient on Monday in Geneva, will most likely, become the latter. [Esin] noted that the text of new agreement was coordinated to 95% and expressed hope that the negotiators were capable of finding a compromise from the uncoordinated, until now, questions during this round.

The Tecos, still on for battle  2/2/10

Tuesday, 2 of February of 2010 Managers of Tecos Students expelled yesterday from the training of their equipment to a suspicious person of Peruvian origin of being " spy" to the service of the Juan Aurich, rival morning in the Glass Liberating. Dress with sport clothes with the colors of the Mexican selection and with two children with the uniform of the Kids of Guadalajara, the visitor happened inadvertent during a time until they asked the hour to him. When noticing their Peruvian accent expelled it. " I hope that he has been malentendido" , the trainer of the Tecos, Miguel Herrera said, who described to Luis Fernando Suárez, strategist of the Aurich, like a professional who does not have necessity to resort to ruses. Under the direction of Herrera, the equipment continued yesterday the preparation of the party morning against the Peruvians, in that the Mexicans will have to win by two goals or to more be able to classify to the phase of groups of the continental match, after to have fallen 2-0 in the going encounter.



The nevada Big Horns beat Utah Flash on wensday, 101 Big Horns and 93 Utah Flash. The game had 23 lead changes but the big horns out scored the Flash, 54-46, in the second half to win there fourth straight.